This tutorial is a sort of compilation work from various resources listed below, and I tried to add as many samples as possible:

  1. Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein
  2. Bundle of Algorithms in C++, Parts 1-5: Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching, and Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pts. 1-5)
  3. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship, by Robert C. Martin
  4. Programming Language Pragmatics, Third Edition, by Michael L. Scott
  5. The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference, by Nicolai M. Josuttis
  6. Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example, by Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo
  7. C++ Primer (4th Edition) by Stanley B. Lippman, Josee Lajoie, Barbara E. Moo
  8. Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup
  9. Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition by Steve McConnell
  10. Exceptional C++ Style: 40 New Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions by Herb Sutter
  11. Algorithms in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O’Reilly))
  12. Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library by Scott Meyers
  13. More Effective C++: 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs by Scott Meyers
  14. Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs (3rd Edition) by Scott Meyers
  15. Modern Multithreading : Implementing, Testing, and Debugging Multithreaded Java and C++/Pthreads/Win32 Programs by Richard H. Carver, Kuo-Chung Tai
  16. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides
  17. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition by Jon Erickson
  18. Multicore Appliction Programming for Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris, by Darryl Gove
  19. The C++ Programming Language: Special Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup
  20. API Design for C++ by Martin Reddy
  21. C++ Primer Plus, Fifth Edition, by Stephen Prata
  22. Beginning C++ through game programming, second edition, by Michael Dawson
  23. C++ GUI programming with Qt4, Second edition, by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield
  24. Programming Interviews Exposed, 2nd ed., by John Mongan, et al.
  25. The C Programming Language, 2nd ed., by K & R
  26. Cracking the coding interview, Fourth edition, by Gayle Laakmann
  27. C++ Concurrency in Action Practical Multithreading by Anthony Williams – 2012
  28. The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook by Michael Kerrisk