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  1. Arithmetic operators: Arithmetic operators are used to perform mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
+Addition: adds two operandsx + y
Subtraction: subtracts two operandsx – y
*Multiplication: multiplies two operandsx * y
/Division (float): divides the first operand by the secondx / y
//Division (floor): divides the first operand by the secondx // y
%Modulus: returns the remainder when first operand is divided by the secondx % y
**Power : Returns first raised to power secondx ** y


for example, open any of your text editor(notepad/notepad++), then copy the code below

a = 9
b = 4
#Addition of numbers
add = a + b 
#Subtraction of numbers
sub = a - b 
#Multiplication of number
mul = a * b 
#Division(float) of number
div1 = a / b 
#Division(floor) of number
div2 = a // b 
#Modulo of both number
mod = a % b 
p = a ** b 
print results

Save this file with, then search your Command Prompt (.cmd) in your windows, open it, then type: python, or python3


13 5 36 2.25 2 1 6561


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