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Đông Sơn drums

Đông Sơn drums (also called Heger Type I drums) are bronze drums fabricated by the  Đông Sơn culture in the Red River Data of northern Vietnam. The drums were produced from about 600 BCE or earlier until the third century CE and are one of the culture’s finest examples of Metalworking.

The drums, cast in bronze using the lost-wax casting method are up to a meter in height and weigh up to 100 kilograms (220 lb). Đông Sơn drums were apparently both musical instrument and cult objects. They are decorated with geometric patterns, scenes of daily life and war, animals and birds, and boats. The latter alludes to the importance of trade to the culture in which they were made, and the drums themselves became objects of trade and heirlooms. More than 200 have been found, across an area from eastern Indonesia to Vietnam and parts of Southern China.



The earliest drum found in 1976 existed 2700 years ago in Wangjiaba in Yunnan Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture China. It is classified into the bigger and heavier Yue drums including the Dong Son drums, and the Dian drums, into 8 subtypes, purported to be invented by Ma Yuan and Zhuge Liang. But the Book of the Later Han said Ma melt the bronze drums seized from the rebel Lạc Việt in into horse.

The discovery of Đông Sơn drums in New Guinea, is seen as proof of trade connections – spanning at least the past thousand years – between this region and the technologically advanced societies of Java and China.

In 1902, a collection of 165 large bronze drums was published by F. Heger, who subdivided them into a classification of four types.

For generations, the Dong Son bronze drum, typical of the Dong Son culture and the Red River civilization of the ancient Viet people in the Hung Vuong period, built the Van Lang country to become a sacred symbol of Vietnamese national culture. . The image of the bronze drum is not only a precious treasure of Vietnamese culture, but also a convergence of the sacred mountains and rivers formed from the time of Hung Vuong’s creation and accumulating national essence throughout the history of construction. country and national defense of Vietnam from the era of Hung Kings to the era of glory Ho Chi Minh. Dong Son bronze drums discovered throughout the territory of Vietnam proved that. During thousands of years of building the country and defending the country, the bronze drum has been a symbol of cultural quintessence as well as the mighty will of our nation. In solemn ceremonies as well as joyful summer festivals, the resounding sound of the drums resounding in the bronze drum creates a majestic atmosphere, increases national pride and makes the Nguyen Dynasty’s ambassador Tran Phu upon setting foot. Arriving at Thang Long land, heard the drum sound: “Kim through the image of the heart of the heart; The ancient bronze is pure white arises” (Afraid to see the sword shine; Gray hair because of hearing the drum sound) The homeland of the Dong Son bronze drum is the Ancestral Land in the midland of Phu Tho and the provinces of North and North Central Vietnam. Dong Son bronze drums existed from the 7th century BC to the 6th century AD. It is a brainchild of the ancient Vietnamese. Our ancestors overcame the harshness of nature with rare courage, intelligence and creativity, created a brass metallurgical technique imbued with Vietnamese indigenous elements, and created a copper culture. brass is among the first in Southeast Asia. Dong Son bronze drums are the product of an agricultural civilization that grows brilliantly and shines bright on the basin of the Red River – Cai River of Viet Nam’s Motherland – The birthplace of the nation and land. Vietnam country today.

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Vietnamese bronze drums have many types, but all of them originate from Dong Son drums, which are the I Hê-Gơ drums according to the classification of German archaeologists. The drum was born from the Dong Son culture associated with the period of Hung Kings building up Van Lang country, where Phu Tho was the center of Dong Son culture – Red River civilization – The pinnacle of technical perfection. The largest ever drum size of Hung Temple was discovered in 1990 at Doi Moi Muoi – an old village near the foot of Nghia Linh mountain – where the Hung Kings Temple was built. country. That proves: The bronze drum of Hung Temple is a sacred object used by the State of Van Lang as a mascot every festival and summer festival at Hung Temple historic site. Along with many other type I bronze drums found on the land of Vietnam, these are extremely valuable documents proving the birth origin and a sacred place in the Vietnamese spiritual life. The bronze drum is not only the mascot, but through which we have been clarified many scientific issues, but the drum is the message that forms the most centralized symbol of achievements in economic, cultural, social and social activities. the authority of a state was first established in our country – Hung Vuong State. The bronze drums and the carvings on the drums help us today to imagine a few features of the life of the ancient Vietnamese in that ancient time. Patterns on bronze drums have many types, reasonably arranged on the face, tang and body. It is researched and analyzed by researchers to serve as a scientific basis in classifying the drum and depicting features of Dong Son economic, social and cultural activities at that time. The bronze drum not only has the function of musical instrument, but also has other functions such as a symbol of power, religion … The drum is used in religious ceremonies, festivals, and in the fight against foreign invaders. invasion, when the tribal leader calls on people from all over to gather to fight. Drums often belong to leaders and are symbols of power. The more powerful the leader, the bigger and beautiful the drum is. The bronze drum is also considered a valuable asset, and is made a funeral when the owner dies. Dong Son bronze drum is a product of a developed agricultural civilization, an extremely precious artifact, one of the deep pride of Vietnamese culture. Today, hundreds of bronze drums are discovered and stored solemnly in national and local museums, Thanh Son in the west of Phu Tho province is the only place in Vietnam that still remains. Bronze drum festival of the Muong ethnic group with festivals “Dam Duong” and “Cham brass”. This is also one of the sacred areas of Phu Tho province that has found the most bronze drums in the ground. It is for that reason that Phu Tho province has restored a sacred rite of beating bronze drums on the anniversary of Hung Vuong’s death anniversary – Hung Temple Festival on March 10th of lunar calendar every year to serve local people and tourists. to attend the festival’s activities. This is an activity to show respect and honor cultural values, through which, actively promote activities to preserve and promote the values ​​of cultural heritages in general and heritage emblems. typical traditional culture of the Vietnamese nation in particular. Contribute to strengthening the cohesion and solidarity of the Vietnamese community in order to arouse the traditional pride in the struggle to build and defend the country of the Vietnamese people, practically contribute to the moral education of “Drink water, remember its source” ; “Miss the tree grower” for generations to follow the glorious tradition of his father. Following the admonition of the beloved Uncle Ho when he visited Hung Temple and the Hung Kings: “… The Hung Kings have made a contribution to the country, our Uncle and I must keep together …”. Together, solidarity, joint strength, and our heart and soul to build a strong and prosperous Vietnam to step on the path of socialism for the following goals: Rich people, strong country, fairness, democracy and civilization stand shoulder to shoulder with the above powers. world. From Hung Temple, the sound of Dong Son bronze drums will be echoed and echoed to all parts of the country. From Hung Temple, the sound of Dong Son bronze drums will be echoed in the hearts of international friends across the five continents and four seas. From Hung Temple, the sound of bronze drums echoes as affirming the values ​​of tradition, deep human morality of the Vietnamese people throughout the history of building and defending the country with many events and ups and downs. stand firm and proudly grow with humanity.



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