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Python OpenCV

OpenCV is one of the most popular computer vision libraries. If you want to start your journey in the field of computer vision, then a thorough understanding of the concepts of OpenCV is of paramount importance.
In this article, I will try to introduce the most basic and important concepts of OpenCV in an intuitive manner.
This article will cover the following topics:

  1. Reading an image
  2. Extracting the RGB values of a pixel
  3. Extracting the Region of Interest (ROI)
  4. Resizing the Image
  5. Rotating the Image
  6. Drawing a Rectangle
  7. Displaying text

This is the original image that we will manipulate throughout the course of this article.

Original Image

Let’s start with the simple task of reading an image using OpenCV.

Reading an image

Importing the OpenCV library
 import cv2 
 Reading the image using imread() function
 image = cv2.imread('image.png') 
 Extracting the height and width of an image
 h, w = image.shape[:2] 
 Displaying the height and width
 print("Height = {}, Width = {}".format(h, w)) 

Now we will focus on extracting the RGB values of an individual pixel.
Note – OpenCV arranges the channels in BGR order. So the 0th value will correspond to Blue pixel and not Red.

Extracting the RGB values of a pixel

Extracting RGB values.
 Here we have randomly chosen a pixel
 by passing in 100, 100 for height and width.
 (B, G, R) = image[100, 100] 
 Displaying the pixel values
 print("R = {}, G = {}, B = {}".format(R, G, B)) 
 We can also pass the channel to extract
 the value for a specific channel
 B = image[100, 100, 0] 
 print("B = {}".format(B)) 
Region Of Interest


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